You may have also noticed a small tidbit in the last section:

When we called the meow method on our cat object, we didn’t use any paranthesis. Again, Ruby implies paranthesis so we don’t have to type them:


This holds true even when you’re passing arguments to a function. I’m going to add another method to our Cat class that accepts an argument:

    class Cat
      def meow
        puts 'meow'

      def feed(food)
        puts "noms on #{food}"

Time to feed Momma because her food bowl is almost a quarter empty and now she has crippling anxiety:

momma =
momma.feed 'tuna'

=> 'noms on tuna'

See? We didn’t need to wrap feed with paranthesis to call the method. But you absolutely can if you want to:

momma =

Sometimes, it’s more legible to read with paranthesis, I’ll leave that up to you decide.